Monday, August 24, 2009

Poetry, Haiku, and Random Rythyms of My Life

Morning bird singing

Sun rising on the mountain:

Peace fills my body

Thunder and lightning,

Hell unleashed across the sky -

Gentle rain now falls.

Gentle stirring, warm embrace revealed

As two hearts share the fragrant field.

Desire floating in a gentle breeze

Joy blooms below the summer leaves.


Shut your eyes.
The quiet time of the day lets one hear what truly matters,
as a heart beats with a sure and steady rhythm.
Open your eyes: life's blessings are everywhere.


Great things come yet to those who wait.
The inpatient, ungrateful ones never see the present day,
except for that which burdens them,
and rips their souls away.


The blue sky seduced me.
Not like any other sky.
Not the gray-blue of the sky in the city.
Not even sky blue like that of a desert remembered.
But soul-deep blue.
Rising from a field of yellow ochre flowers, deep green pinon, and colorado red rock walls.
These intense primary colors against this blue.
Such sweet seduction like the fumes of some narcotic smoke adrift above the gray-green sage covering this plain that flows from my feet.
I feel I am standing on the edge of heaven.

Neal, You were a Bodhisattva

How do I remember you now that the day is done, when the sun has set, and night has come?
You were the gentle caretaker of the smallest creatures, of wounded souls and broken bodies.
Your heart was like a hearth, warm and inviting, to stranger and friend alike, embracing all pain
as a gentle lover does, burying it deeply into tender folds.
In this world of forgotten intention
you were a man of integrity and wisdom.
Life for you was a pool of infinite possibility from which you always drank deeply.
Now when I hear the dove call out with the first morning light,
I remember your sweet smile and gentle glowing eyes.
And I hear your soft voice once again remind me:
“This is a day of infinite possibility.”

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