Saturday, February 6, 2010

Critters In Our Midst

Two cats are our companions in our house. We also have wild birds that visit our feeders and suet blocks. Unfortunately, they do not play well together.

On these cold winter days, the cats sit longingly by the window, believing they are invisible to these birds who taunt them from the other side of the glass. Bandit looks at me as if to shout:
"Miss Vicki, Take Down This Glass Wall!"

We don't own a dog. Our neighbors have more than enough and our adding a dog would surely break the harmony of the orchestra that currently serenades us all day and night.
My husband has always had dogs. He thought we might get one when we moved to the mountains east of Albuquerque.
Then my daughter, Mary, moved in with us bringing two Pugs with her. Unfortunately, Handsome Jack and Hank from Hell were not well-trained. Despite their endearing faces and clown-like behavior, their practice of "marking" our entire home and chewing on anything they could get their teeth around quickly wore out their welcome.

The cats quite resented these interlopers. Although he tried to play and make friends with them, poor Jack was rewarded with one of Bandit's claws embedded in his face. When Mary moved out last year, she took her two Pugs (with all four eyes intact) to her new apartment in Albuquerque. She saw the wisdom of giving Hank back to her ex-boyfriend and now has only Jack (the "googley-eyed" one).

Pet owners often think of themselves as either "dog persons" or "cat persons". My husband never cared much for cats. But these two cats have found a way to the heart of this former dog person. He has grown to appreciate their independent ways.
And, when they climb into your lap and snuggle into your arm, they almost substitute for that missed Grand-child who is so very far away.

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