Wednesday, June 30, 2010

New Paintings

I just finished a course with pastel artist Deborah Secor at the Harwood Art Center  I've really learned a lot from Deborah,  I love this medium, especially to paint scenes here in the Southwest. I have a few finished pastel paintings to frame now.


  1. i want a framed copy of the clouds.... puwweaasee!

  2. I love that first painting especially. Glad you love New Mexico, the scenery can be beautiful as it is in Az where a brother has been trying to get me for years but especially the way things are getting I feel safe right here in the hills of Western Ma.

  3. Thanks, Jim, for your encouraging words. It looks crooked doesn't it, I believe its my photo and cropping that made it look like the house is tipping to the right. My husband and I visited Salem, MA and New England last September. A very lush and different part of the country, very beautiful, and with so many amenities in the community and arts there. I am born and bred a westerner so I don't think I'd move as I like the dry climate and austere landscape of New Mexico for good. BTW, most of AZ is too hot and unliveable, and would not be a good fit for a liberal like you.