Friday, August 20, 2010

Charlotte's Progeny

Last winter, I lamented the demise of my Cat Face Spider (Araneus gemmoides) when a hard freeze arrived.

My Cat Face Spider last October

But, like Charlotte in Charlotte's Web's_Web, her baby spiderlings hatched last Spring and a couple of the surviving spiders have been spinning webs and getting fat.  Here is one of them this August.

In another month, her distinctive "cat-face" markings and abdomenal protrusions that form the "cat ears" will be totally recognizable.

These spiders are very beneficial to the garden: 

Here is a video of a cat-faced spider wrapping a grass hopper up to dine on later:

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  1. when i saw the first picture, i thought it was going to be a post about hermit crabs - yikes! - i'm amazed by such a strange looking spider