Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Please Don't Drink and Drive!

I'm MADD about Drunk-Driving!    Another horrible wrong-way drunk driving accident that killed a young woman who was the "sweetest person in the world" and injured two other women happened earlier this month.

Here are some drunk-driving Statistics you need to know before you go out drinking during this holiday season.  For example, do you know that:
 "A first-time drunk driving offender has driven drunk an average of 87 times prior to being arrested"?  No wonder a person keeps driving drunk, they get complacent about the practice, thinking "I won't get caught".  Remember, plenty of people get "caught" the first time, especially with the heightened enforcement and awareness on the roads these days. 

You can give the gift of life this holiday season by offering to be a designated driver. Customize a Gift Coupon to give to your friends.

If you have been the victim of a drunk-driver, MADD can help with victim services for you and your family.

Please, let's not have more horrible accidents snuffing out innocent lives.

Fight back against drunk-driving!


  1. Locally we have something called Operation Red Nose. Unfortunately it is only during the Christmas/New Years season.
    It is a free service that will drive you home plus bring your car home too. Donations are welcome. I was happy to read on Facebook today that lots of the local young people made use of it.

  2. That statistics are very alarming! It’s unfortunate that these numbers are merely half of the dreams and livelihood that’s lost, along with the lives that driving under the influence can take away. Some people do not really think of such fatal consequences. I guess one could blame their recklessness to the lack of awareness, and the ignorance that comes with it. Thankfully, there are people like you who are more than willing to help fight against it, and are saving lives by doing so. Keep it up, Vicki. More power to your advocacy!

    Kim Hunter