Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wisconsin Union Fight on the Front Line Against Billionaires' Agenda to Destroy Democracy

It's not Unions that we need to be concerned about when it comes to preserving democracy in America.  No, public employees who belong to Unions are not a "Fat Cat" class different from ordinary folks and living off the taxpayers like Scott Walker wants you to believe..  Indeed, the real threat to democracy in America are the Billionaire Koch brothers who are buying politicians and elections to maintain and broaden their control over American social, economic, and political institutions. Even Shep Smith from Fox News "gets it" as he truthfully calls what is happening in Wisconsin a political battle, not a budget crisis battle. Their goal is to get rid of the most effective opposition the Right Wing has in America: Unions who donate the most money and get out the vote for Democrats and other candidates who oppose the Big Business Agenda.

The Koch brothers helped bankroll the election of puppets like Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.  They were the major benefactors of the Citizen's United Supreme Court Decision that gave Corporations  the power to dump unlimited cash into elections to influence the outcomes in favor of their interests.  They are paying for the propaganda machine called Americans for Prosperity with the kind of money millions of average Americans could never raise.  If you have any doubt who has the ear of conservative elected representatives and who is controlling the right wing propaganda of the "Tea Party Movement" in America, you can see it ever so clearly in the "punked" Phone Call from "David Koch" to Scott Walker yesterday.  The fake call was made by Ian Murphy, Editor of The Buffalo Beast who represented hisself as "David Koch".  Of course, the busy Governor who is trying to break the back of unions in Wisconsin in the name of "balancing the budget" quickly took the call and loquaciously chattered away for 20 minutes to his Patron about his tactics:

Yesterday in New Mexico, people came to the State Capitol in Santa Fe to express their support for the Wisconsin public employees who are being threatened with the loss of their collective bargaining rights in the full attack upon the Middle Class by the greedy moneybags of the American right wing. Many of the signs associated  the fight for human rights and democracy in the Middle East and Africa with that of the struggle of the public workers in Wisconsin.  A lot of signs also clearly tied their struggle to fighting back against the Koch brothers and corporate greed. 


  1. Thanks so much for your excellent coverage of this critical national issue. Those among us comfortably ignorant of the history of the struggles among all labor groups and especially public workers need this kind of wake up. Notice the cynicism in Walker's comments to "Koch"; this is precisely the attitude the oligarchs and their lapdogs have and have had for generations. We can never assume that things will not go back to the bad old days. Walker's layoff threat should settle that issue. Thanks so much.

  2. as a state worker in new jersey, i appreciate this Vicki

    thanks very much for your post