Friday, March 11, 2011

"Right Wing Radio Duck" is a Parody of Glenn Beck's Paranoia Machine

Pop Culture Hacker Jonathan McIntosh made this wonderful video by mixing old Walt Disney classic cartoons with audio broadcasts  from The Glenn Beck Show broadcasts.   Information about McIntosh's work and the response to it can be seen at his page on Rebellious Pixels.

Glenn Beck is a lot like the old snake oil salesmen.  He is a highly effective communicator having honed his skills as a radio announcer in his early days.  Now that Fox News has given him access to millions of viewers, he is in his prime with all his props and chalkboards.  Once again, I lament that because he appears on a "News" station in prime time, his words carry greater weight. Seriously, his propaganda is dangerous and has helped to create a loyal group of cult-like followers in the USA who believe everything he says and who are extremely angry about everything and anything that the current political administration says or does. Free Speech is a wonderful Right for all people. I regret it is abused by those who are making a lot of money by making people fearful and even hateful.


  1. good post

    right or left, i don't care which side people are on - the thing we all have in common is that we all want a better world - i don't think one group of people should demonize another group - that takes away their humanity, which is a demeaning and mean-spirited thing to do

  2. A clever idea—having pop culture parody pop culture. Very post-modern. As obnoxious as Beck is (our political history is full of them), I'm more concerned about the lemmings who are following him to the cliff. What's going on in their minds? Are they so troubled and harried and hurt that they eschew thinking and welcome paranoia?

    Thanks for the post. Got me thinking this morning.