Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"We can no longer afford to keep you on our payroll if you want to act out your fantasies on company time."

Democrat Rep. Anthony Weiner gets caught in a lie over his emailing pictures of his male body parts to women who he met online. "Embarrassed"?  Well, yeah...  But the real question here is what are these guys (elected to run our government) doing on "company time"? We're paying them to work for us. In private business Weiner would be fired immediately.  It's only been 4 months since Republican Rep. Chris Lee got caught exposing his shirtless body to a Craigslist user, just what is it about these guys who seem to be in total gridlock in Congress...are they bored, secretly want to sabotage their career, just stupid with "power"?  Hello Congress: We've got a couple of wars where young men and women are dying, we've got a divided country that thinks the other half that doesn't agree with them are _________ (traitors, unamerican, ignorant rednecks, racist..... fill in the blank) and ought not be listened to.  We've got religious wars disrupting the planet's peace and economy.  We've got massive natural disasters world-wide as a result of climate change leaving 42 million people homeless in the past year alone.  We've got huge unemployment, hundreds of thousands of home foreclosures, an untenable budget battle and a national debt that threatens our economic stability.  What the *$#@ is going on?  I,  for one, am sick of people who get elected to office and appear distracted by the immensity of the problems.  The mud-slinging and nastiness of the current American political sideshow has trumped the need for resolve and compromise by our leaders.  Right-wing newshound Andrew Breitbard and his Big Government website is just part of the problem, not the solution, because it stokes political division and hate.  American Politics is becoming the biggest "Reality Show" on TV.   A lot of people are making money from scandals and "gotcha exposes."  With people like Donald Trump and Sarah Palin doing pseudo-campaigns (and making a lot money doing them) and the sex scandals of our politicians dominating the media, I for one am sick of the sideshow that passes for our political process.  There are some good men and women out here who are trying very hard to solve our problems.  I hope Nancy Pelosi sends Weiner packing with his tail between his legs.  No matter how much the right wing tries to demonize Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Barack Obama, they have moral character and truly work hard for the taxpayers. I believe that several Republicans do the same and are "uniters not dividers."  Jon Stewart was right to say that the real political problem is that people delight in demonizing the "other side"but can't see the corruption of their own guys because of the toxic 24 hour cable news demands for our attention .

Ok...now what?  As voters, let's support those who are seriously trying to fix things, who don't spend their hours "on the clock" day-dreaming about their sex lives,  and who work to negotiate agreement rather than to demogogue their opposition.  This is all I ask of our elected men and women regardless of their political party.   I will not waste my time watching the media sideshow because there is too much at stake and it is really a poisonous cess pool that drags us all down with the excrement.  There are millions of us out here and we will be judging both character and competence  in the 2012 election candidates.  We can no longer afford to keep you on our payroll if you want to act out your fantasies on company time,  or if you don't have the fortitude to do what needs to be done to reach agreement with people in different political camps who seriously want to fix our problems.  Nor do I have any use for people who do little more than spout "red meat" rhetoric and hate speech to get elected.  In a divided nation, hard choices need to be made and if you're not up to the job, get out of the way.

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  1. "The media is atwitter with news of Representative Weiner's email photos of himself to women. This is what is important. What is not important is the fact that yesterday five American kids died in Iraq. That made news in one paragraph stories or ten second blurbs on the air.

    Our news media is so worthless."

    Quoted by Jim Baca (Past Mayor Of Albuquerque)

    I thoroughly agree.