Monday, November 21, 2011

Feeling Stressed? "Life Is Short - Wear Your Party Pants!"

"...stress isn't something to try to disguise or eradicate. Stress is a signal. When you recognize it, and work with it instead of against it, you can learn a lot about what you need to do to be happier and healthier. Stress is actually a blessing that can help you realize when you need to make changes in your life."
 - Loretta LaRoche,  Life Is Short - Wear Your Party Pants

Loretta LaRoche is a wonderful speaker and humorist who specializes in stress management.  I bought her book "Life Is Short - Wear Your Party Pants" a few years ago when I seemed overwhelmed by life. I was divorced, had been laid off at 54 years old from my job of 27 years, and I was trying to provide financially for myself and two daughters who were still in college.  I considered myself the "Queen of Multi-Tasking" and felt I always had to be doing "something" - either working, or improving myself, or improving life for others - you probably know the drill. I was a real stress case.  I was trying to "control" everything and everyone in my life - and doing a miserable job.  I gained 30 pounds, developed high blood pressure, was pre-diabetic, and I was a pain in the ass to my family and friends.  What I learned from Loretta is the value of laughter and the importance of self-acceptance. I also learned that the stress I was a feeling was a sign that I needed to make important changes in my life.


  1. fabulous!!!!!!!!!
    thanks for sharing this,
    am off out to buy a whole new set of party pants:-)

  2. Strange. I had a lot of things going on in my career but little stress. Then after I retires it seems lots of stuff bothers me. Maybe I'm stressed by just getting old... :)