Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mandy Celebrates Her 30th Birthday

Amanda (Mandy) turned 30 last week. She is my first child, born in 1982. I am twice her age. She organized a big party in Albuquerque with a 1982 Prom Theme to celebrate her milestone.

Amanda at 30.

Matt, Mary, Pam and Brian

Amanda and DJ Kossi

Blowing out the birthday candles

Amanda's sister Mary at birthday 80's Prom Night Party

I threw a big party to celebrate my milestone (60th Birthday).  I guess we mark these milestones because we don't know how long we'll be here.  Every photograph we take captures a moment in our lives that is meaningful.  Below are pictures from Amanda's life.
Amanda in 1982 with her father, Mark, at our home in San Diego

Here Amanda is on her father's back at a union picket in front of General Dynamics in San Diego.  She began attending union meetings at 3 months old. 

Amanda at 1 year old in San Diego, California

Summer of 1984, San Simeon Beach, California

Amanda "reading"  in 1983 in San Diego

Sister Mary at Amanda's 4th Birthday (1986)

Mandy and her Dad (1983)

Mandy swimming with the Copley YMCA Swim Team (1989)

In Fishersville, Virginia, visiting Grandparents (1984)

Hiking in the Cuyamaca Mountains (1985)

Mandy at Disneyland with sister Mary (1991)

Showing off her Swim Pentathalon Trophy (San Diego, ca. 1992)

Middle School in San Diego (1995)

Running Cross Country for Mission Bay High School (1997)

Amanda in backyard of Clairemont home (2004)

Senior Prom Night (1999)

Mary and Amanda, Girl's Water Polo Team, Mission Bay High School (1998)

Amanda visiting old family home in Virginia (1997)

Amanda and Mary drifting on Merced River, Yosemite National Park (1996)

Amanda in Toulumne Meadows, Yosemite National Park (1996)

Mary and Amanda in Portola State Park, Santa Cruz Mountains (ca. 1992) - that's a Banana Slug in Mary's hand.

Senior Year, Mission Bay High School, 1998-99

Amanda at Grand Canyon (1986) with Mary and father, Mark 

Amanda at High School CIF Swimming Championships (1999)

1999 Graduate of Mission Bay High School

La Jolla Cove (1998)

Amanda and mom at Grand Canyon, May, 2000
on our way home from Drury University in Springfield, Missouri

Ashley and Amanda, Sonoma State University Graduation (2007)

Amanda and Step-father, Ron, at college Graduation Dinner, 2007

Aunt Jeanne, Cousin Tracy, and Amanda at graduation luncheon in Sonoma (May, 2007)

Amanda moved to New Mexico in 2007

Amanda at Santa Fe International Folk Market (2011)

Mary and Amanda at Amanda's 29th Birthday Breakfast at Barelas Coffee Shop in Albuquerque (February, 2011)

Amanda striking a meditative pose at my home
in Sandia Park, New Mexico

Amanda at adobe ruin at La Madera, New Mexico (2009)

Amanda in Manitou Springs, Colorado in January, 2012

There's so much more waiting for you.  Enjoy the next 30 years! And always be in the moment, experiencing life as it is with each breath you take.  Love, Mom


  1. that is a beautiful tribute to your daughter, heres to the next 30 :-) 90 is the new 40 !

  2. Very Cool!..
    Thanks for sharing these beautiful memories..

  3. Kudos to Amanda and family! All things miraculous await you.
    Take care. Roger