Tuesday, June 12, 2012

June Wildflowers on Sandia Mountain Trails

Last Saturday (June 9th)  I joined Jeanette Buffet and 11 participants on a Wildflower Walk in the Sandia Mountains on the South 10K Trail.  Volunteers for the Forest Service lead these lovely walks. Here are some of the flowers we saw.

Golden Pea Thermopsis montana

Jacob's Ladder

Red Elderberry Sambucus racemosa v. microbotrys

Calypso Orchid or Lady Slipper

Lanceleaf Bluebells Mertensia lancelota

Red Columbine Aquilegia desertorum

Sidebells or One-Sided Wintergreen Orthilia secunda

False Solomon Seal

Mahonia or Oregon Grape

Ninebark Physocarpus monogynus

Rattlesnake Orchid Goodyera oblongiflora (bloom has dried)

This hike at 10,000 ft. elevation had a lot of blooming wildflowers  and was worth the time. I walked the Cienaga Canyon Trail on Monday (June 11th) and found the area fairly sparse and dry with the following wildflowers still blooming:

Dakota Vervain

Rocky Mountain Pentstamen

Northern Bedstraw Galium boreale

White flowers on Jacob's Ladder

New Mexico Scorpian Weed Phacelia neomexicana


Scarlet Pentstemon

Atlantis Fritillary Butterfly

Capulin or Chokecherry (inmature fruit)

Purple Geranium

Northern Bog Violet

Northern Bog Violet

Hop Tree Ptelea trioliata

Golden Smoke

Yellow Clover  Melilotus officinalis

Northern Bog Violet Viola nephronphyllia

Spike Verbena Verbena macdougalii

Richardson's Geranium

Tuber Starwort

Giant Hyssop Agastache pallidiflora


Sweet Cicely

Blue flowers on Jacob's Ladder

Mountain Figwort (a favorite of hummingbirds)

Cienaga Spring where the Northern Bog Violets grow. Cutleaf Coneflower Rudbekia laciniata (not blooming yet)  in foreground

Northern Anemone or Windflower Anemone canadensis

Windflowers were in full bloom by the side of the road just before the last parking area and trailhead

Returning home at 5PM, I enjoyed that fabulous New Mexico sky

On Tuesday (June 12th)  I took a walk on the Tree Springs Trail and found very few wildflowers:

Western Wallflower

Mountain Parsley

Rocky Mountain Penstemon was a star here, blooming was at its peak

Wild Strawberry

Rocky Mountain Pentstemon


Small-leaf Pussytoes

Flowers of Small-leaf Pussytoes

Mountain Parsley

Pretty Cinquefoil

New Mexico Locust tree on the Oso Corredor Trail cut-off

Fendler's Waterleaf or Squaw lettuce
Hydrophyllum fendleri

Tuber Starwort

Rocky Mountain Pentstemon

Rocky Mountain Clematis (not blooming yet)

Whipple's Penstamon Pentstamon whippleanus

Whipple's Penstamon is also called Dusky Penstamon

Whipple's Penstamon

Whipple's Penstamon

Scarlet Penstamon Penstamon barbatus ssp. torreyi

Western Yarrow Achillea millefolium

I will lead the wildflower walks on Sandia Mountain trails June 16th and June 30th.  Please meet at the Sandia Ranger Station in Tijeras at 9:00AM on any Saturday through August if you wish to join us.

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