Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wildflowers on 10K South Trail of Sandia Mountains

I led a wildflower walk last Saturday in the Sandia mountains.  We had 16 participants, obviously helped by the publicity in an article in The Albuquerque Journal on Thursday, August 9. We had splendid weather as we ascended to 10,000 ft. elevation via the Sandia Crest Scenic Byway to the 10K South trailhead.
We found more than 30 species of wildflowers in bloom.  Here are just a few.

Cutleaf Groundsel - Senecio eremophilus - Aster Family

Showy Daisy - Erigeron speciosus - Aster Family

Harebells - Campanula rotundifolia - Bellflower Family

Scarlet Paintbrush - Castilleja miniata - Figwort Family

Nodding Groundsel -Senecio bigelovii - Aster Family

Showy Golden-eye - Viguiera multiflora - Aster Family

Whipple's Penstemon or Dusky Penstemon -
Penstemon whippleanus - Figwort Family

Red Elderberry (fruit) - Sambucus racemosa - Honeysuckle Family

Atlantis Fritillary butterfly - Spyeria atlantis

Mountain Caraway - Aletes acaulis - Parsley Family

Tachinid Fly on a Nodding Groundsel

Cutleaf  Groundsel

Goldenrod - Solidago spp.

Louisiana Sage or White Sage -
Artemesia ludovicana - Aster Family

Velvet Unmbrellawort/Mountain Four o'clock -
Mirabilis oblongifolia - Four o'clock Family

Velvet Woodsorrel - Oxalis violaceae - Violet Family

Richardson's Geranium - Geranium richardsonii - Geranium Family

Whipple's Penstemon

Showy Golden-eye

Mountain Dandelion/Burnt-Orange Dandelion -
Agoseris aurantiaca - Aster Family

Canada Violet - Viola canadensis - Violet Family

Ragweed Sagebrush Artemisia franserioides- Aster Family

Rattlesnake Orchid - Goodyera oblongifolia Orchid Family

Sidebells/One-sided Wintergreen - Orthila secunda – Wintergreen Family

Twisted Pod Draba - Draba helleriana – Mustard Family

Bedstraw, Northern – Galium boreale – Madder Family

Sweet Cicely -  Osmorhiza obtusa – Parsley Family

Join me this Saturday at 9AM at the Sandia District Ranger Station in Tijeras.  We'll walk the South Crest Trail.  There will be some great views from that trail.

View of Albuquerque from the South Crest Trail

Another view toward La Luz Trail below the Sandia Crest

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