Thursday, November 15, 2012

Disaster Preparation

The terrible loss of property and life due to Hurricane Sandy could not be avoided.  However, we all can be better prepared to deal with natural disasters before they happen, during the disaster and afterwards when our efforts turn to recovery.  Are you ready?  Most people are not. 

Weather-related disasters are increasing in their magnitude and damage that they cause.  Geological disasters like earthquakes, volcanic eruption, and tsunamis can happen anytime and can affect areas previously not known for such disasters. Great ShakeOut Drills are happening in your state or country.  Get involved in your local Red Cross, CERT (Community Emergency Response Team), school, or workplace disaster management planning. If your neighborhood lacks a disaster committee or plan, you can start a Neighborhood Disaster Watch Team complete with an Emergency Plan and Phone Tree (create a phone tree using MS Office or MS Excel),  You should prepare your home for an earthquake to minimize damage and injury.  Here is an interactive game called Beat the Quake that will help you and your family prepare your home in the event of an earthquake.

Although certain seasons are more likely to bring us a higher risk of certain natural disasters, the impact of climate change means that drought and changing weather patterns are creating new challenges for our security and safety.

Fires, whether from drought-fed natural conditions, arson, pipeline eruptions, improper electrical connections, lightning, or carelessness, can happen anytime.  Here are some helpful websites to prepare your home and family for a fire emergency:
Wildfire, house fires, explosions, lightning, and electric shock

And don't underesimate the deadly power of lightning:

 The Winter Holidays and decorating the home with electrical lights and Christmas trees deserve special attention to safety and a natural Christmas tree can explode into fire very quickly:

And for the disaster of all disasters,  here's a video to prepare you for the end of the world December 21, 2012:
(OK, just kidding....)

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