Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Rain, at last...Is the Monsoon Season here?

After months and months without a drop of rain, we received almost half an inch since July 1st.  We had .44 inch in the month of June.  Our terrible drought is not abated but the rain is very welcome.

Our drought this year has been rated  the worst of all 50 states
Today's welcome rain clouds after a night of thunder, lightning and falling rain

The morning sun rising 

Thirsty Pinon Pine cones

My New Mexico Olive dripping with raindrops

St. Francis appealing to God for rainfall

Happy Lavender 

Roses wet with life-giving moisture

Japanese Honeysuckle 

Looking west toward the Sandia Mountains this morning

House Finch

 Pueblo girl filling her jar with water (my sculpture)
Might the New Mexico monsoon season be far behind? (my painting)

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  1. Hoping its true! We had way too much in our late spring and now its hasn't rained for weeks. Hard to figure.... btw beautiful flower collection...:)