Monday, August 26, 2013

Never Too Late To Get Healthy and Physically Fit

My oldest daughter, Amanda, ran her first Triathlon on Saturday. She did a 5K Run, followed by a 10 mile Bike Ride, and finished with a 400 yard Swim. She finished 4th for the 30-34 year old age group.

My daughter, Mary, and I ,
congratulating Amanda at the end of the triathlon

I'm in awe of her dedication to get back in shape.  She was an athlete as a youngster.  She had a swimming scholarship her first year of college.  After some rough years in her 20's, she is back to living a healthy life-style.  It hasn't been easy.  She had many ups and downs. Life is like that.

Her first competitive run was when she was 12

She made a conscious choice to become healthy, both mentally and physically.  She asked for help and she got a lot of support from others. Life is like that.

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  1. Indeed. It is so great to see our children do well in all phases...:)