Monday, November 11, 2013

RIP: Virginia "Ginni" Scheltz

Virginia "Ginni" Scheltz passed away peacefully in her Columbus, Ohio home on Sunday afternoon, November 10, 2013.  She is survived by her husband, Fred, brother Ron, sister June, brother Donald, brother Ken, and sister Sharon.  She is also survived by her children, Dan, Greg, Neil, Jennifer and her step-children, Stephen, Cindy and Brian.  She was preceded in death by her older sister Delores "Dodee", older brother Vincent, and younger brother Frank as well as her parents, Vincent Zaic and Sylvia Helene Brgles.

Virginia was born September 26, 1937 in Cleveland, Ohio. Her younger brother, Ron, was separated from the family soon after his birth in 1940 and adopted four years later. Ginni knew about Baby Ron but had lost touch with him for 73 years.  Ron first discovered he had a living sister in January, 2013 through the 1940 U.S. Census data and He was reunited with "Ginni" in May, 2013 in a very special reunion in Columbus and Cleveland, Ohio.

Ron and his sister, Ginni (May, 2013)
Ginni was a warm and loving person who gave of herself unending acts of kindness toward others. She was a nurse, a wonderful cook and baker, a good wife, mother and grandmother. Ginni was proud of her Slovenian heritage and a devout believer in Jesus Christ. In the short time that Ron and I knew Ginni, our lives were enriched from her loving kindness and joy in living each day.  We were so blessed to have known her. Her Obituary is here.  May she rest in peace.

A recent Family Reunion in South Carolina in July, 2013 that Ginni and Fred were able to attend

Ginni and Fred in South Carolina, July, 2013

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