Tuesday, December 17, 2013

First Day of Skiing

Our local ski lift, Sandia Peak Ski, opened on Friday the 13th with a 24 inch base.  All lifts were open.  Last year they never opened more than the Beginners lift and hill because we had so little snow.  Not wanting to tempt the fates,  I resolved to ski a Half Day on Sunday, December 15th just so I could say I skied Sandia Peak before all the snow melted. Here's a current view from the web cam at the top of Chair#1 (10,378 ft. elevation).  You can ride a tram from the west side of the mountain from Albuquerque to this chair.  But I live on the east side of the Sandia Mountains, only 6.5 miles from this ski resort, so I drive.

Several hundred skiers and boarders came out Sunday for the opening weekend for Sandia Peak
My daughter, Amanda, joined me.
It was a bright sunny day and although the temperature did not get above 32 degrees F., we had to strip off layers of clothing because it was too warm.  Amanda is in far better physical shape than I.  So she did a lot of runs.  I did exactly 4 runs and was done.  The skiing and views were wonderful.

We both slept for the rest of the afternoon.  I'm still working out the kinks in my muscles.


  1. What fun! And to have your daughter with you. I miss downhill but keeping my fake knee safe I don't chance it anymore....:)

    1. I ski very cautiously. I broke my leg in 2000 skiing, so I, too, plan on getting a replacement one day. I still have a metal rod and 8 bolts in that leg that make the xray machines go off at the airport..

  2. Have a great time at Williamsburg and Happy Holidays to your and yours, Vicki...:)