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The Santa Fe New Mexican Endorses Alan Webber; ABQ Journal Poll Out Today with Democratic Gubernatorial Voter Preferences

With only 9 days left before the Democratic Primary Election in New Mexico, a telephone survey of 631 registered Democratic tells us that 29% of "likely voters" remain undecided on who they will vote for on June 3rd. The Republican-leaning Albuquerque Journal reports that their endorsed candidate, Attorney General Gary King, is leading with 22% of those polled, followed by Lawrence Rael and Alan Webber with 16% each.

Alan Webber

Lawrence Rael

Linda Lopez

Howie Morales
Howie Morales and Linda Lopez follow with 12% and 5% respectively. Gary King has the highest name recognition of the five candidates because he is the son of popular three term former NM Governor, Bruce King.  He only garnered about 10% of Democratic Pre-Primary Convention votes in March and is not the favorite of the active party workers. His fund-raising has been lackadaisical as well, although he was able to come up with enough money to put up a TV ad last week.
Gary King

The important fact here is that 29% undecided vote.  A political consultant was quoted in today's Albuquerque Journal article that the 29% undecided factor favors the lesser-known candidates on election day:  "Brian Sanderoff said it is typically more difficult for better-known candidates to pick up significant shares of that support.  King is the best known of the Democratic candidates, and the undecided voter pattern could give hope to his Democratic rivals...."  
The candidate who has the most momentum at the present time has the best chance of being elected on June 3rd.  Howie Morales is popular in the southern and southwest part of the state with 37% of those polled there favoring the State Senator from Silver City.  However, the more populated north central part of New Mexico  do not favor Howie.  It's clear to me that the two candidates who will take most of that "undecided vote" are Webber and Rael.

Republican Governor Susana Martinez
And just yesterday, The Santa Fe New Mexican endorsed Alan Webber for Governor with a very strong editorial:

New Mexico Democrats should have but one goal in selecting a nominee to face Gov. Susana Martinez come November. They must decide which of five personable candidates can muster the necessary firepower to unseat the incumbent.
And by firepower, we don’t just mean money, although money certainly matters. We are talking about Democrats selecting a candidate who demonstrates he or she can raise money, but one who also has concrete ideas, demonstrates passion for this state and can present a vision to move New Mexico forward. It’s not enough to win. The selected candidate should have the ability to govern.
Because let’s face it, New Mexico is down in the dumps. We are last in the country in job creation. We are losing population, seeing some of the state’s best and brightest pack up and leave for good. We depend on federal dollars at a time when government budgets are shrinking, yet lack a strategy to revitalize private businesses. We seem unable to meet big challenges — whether improving education, stopping out-of-control police officers at both the state and local levels, serving our neediest citizens and, especially, bettering the lot of children.
Despite what is essentially a crisis, New Mexico’s leaders remain passively on the sidelines as though they lack control to shape events. Yet action is what New Mexico needs, with initiatives from leaders who are bold, innovative and committed to the reality that New Mexico has greatness within it. Because despite the state’s problems, New Mexico remains a Land of Enchantment.
 Alan Webber, co-founder and publisher of Fast Company business magazine, believes in New Mexico. After selling the magazine, Webber chose New Mexico as his home base. He brings to his campaign a keen mind, a background spent developing policy at the city and national level, before he started his magazine, and the ability to get to the heart of a problem.
 Here’s why Alan Webber is the best bet for Democrats who want to beat Susana Martinez.

Electability? Despite being nearly unknown six months ago, Webber has worked the state hard and persuaded the Democratic Party faithful that he can compete. Webber also has the most money. Some he loaned to himself, a signal that he is serious about this campaign. More came from friends from all over the state and nation, showing that he is a man that people trust — enough so that they donate hard-earned money to see him succeed. His potential to raise money in general can’t be overlooked.
Ideas? Webber understands that New Mexico must improve. As a private entrepreneur, Webber built a business. He has signed both sides of paychecks. He is, in the flesh, what Republicans profess to love, a practicing capitalist, a business builder who believed in an idea and made it a reality. A business person — with contacts in the elite world of finance and business all over the world — can help New Mexico compete. Yet Webber is clear that New Mexico’s best successes will come from within, from ideas and people who are here. He believes a governor must encourage homegrown entrepreneurs.
Passion? Webber says it best: “I didn’t move to New Mexico to run for office. I moved to New Mexico because I wanted to live the rest of my life here. I love the state.” What he doesn’t love is the current state of affairs.
Vision? Here is where Webber shines. He understands that a state — our community, if you will — is only as strong as its weakest members. He has a vision of a kinder New Mexico, where poor children who lack basics at home get a helping hand through early childhood education. He knows standardized tests and unfair teacher evaluation systems aren’t going to improve education. His idea for New Mexico is not a place where citizens are pitted, one against another, but where we all pull together.
In the Democratic primary for governor, The New Mexican recommends Alan Webber.
For undecided voters, take 10 minutes to view this May 19th episode from New Mexico In Focus and you will see why Alan Webber is fast becoming the candidate of choice among Democrats who want to defeat Republican Susana Martinez in November:

There are just 5 days left for "Early Voting".  You must be a registered Democrat to vote in the June Primary.  If you do not vote by 6PM on Saturday, May 31st, at your early voting location in your County, please go to the Polls on Tuesday, June 3rd, from 7AM to 7PM.  Access your Sample Ballot here.

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