Friday, October 24, 2014

Don't Let Money Destroy Our Democracy

Time to Vote!

There have been millions of dollars spent in this mid-term election.  Inane and negative political ads are nauseating and turn off the voters from participating in the process.  The powerful wealthy forces behind the ads are using their "right to free speech" according to the Supreme Court's decision in the Citizens United Case.  Ordinary people don't have that much money, but we can speak at the polls.

Don't be discouraged.  If the political ads seem hyperbolic and over-the-top, then they probably are not speaking the truth.  Voting will make a difference if you vote for candidates who truly represent you and there are many good people running who just don't have the millions of dollars to SHOUT at you everyday.  Please look at the information and websites of the candidates to see what they have done and what their values and qualifications are.  Especially you young voters must vote because it is really your future if the Senate, House, and State government changes radically in a direction that you will regret or prosper under.  Don't let your "boomer" parents and grandparents make decisions for you.

My daughter voted yesterday and sent me a selfie after she voted.
I voted early on October 20th.  Have you voted yet?  Please vote in the November 4th election.  Don't let money destroy democracy - Vote! 

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