Thursday, January 29, 2015

New Mexico Moral Mondays Start February 2nd at The Capitol

I received the following welcome e-mail from my friends in the Santa Fe Democratic Party:
"Moral Monday begins in New Mexico next Monday, February 2.
Moral Moday originated in North Carolina as a day for community groups to come together and urge the Legislature to support their issue. Moral Monday will be conducted every Monday of the Legislative Session." 
Moral Monday is designed to be fun, informative and effective. It is a day you are encouraged to meet with the senators and representatives. Phone numbers will be available to call your legislators.
You can get there on the NM Rail Runner train (#506) 
Monday February 2 the focus will be on immigrant rights and issues. It will begin at the water tower in the Rail yard near Tomasitas. From there everyone will march over to the Capitol for a rally and talking to legislators from 12PM-2PM; though this is a whole day affair and one is not limited to these times.
Monday February 9 is Education Equality Day. Again the meeting time will be 9AM at the Water Tower followed by a march to the capital and a rally and lobbying. This day is focused on education, teachers, and on LGBT rights."
Here is the content and schedule of bills to be introduced in the New Mexico State House and Senate for 2015. 
Today in the State Legislature, Republican law makers are discussing "Right-to-work" legislation. Check out the Twitter posts on this issue:  #nmleg and #nmpol I discussed this very-bad-for-workers  scheme to destroy workers' rights and quality of life in an earlier blog post

Progress NM exposed how the Republicans have created a false web site claiming to be New Mexican workers who are hurt economically because our state doesn't have a "Right-to-Work" law.  

You can watch live web casts of legislative hearings on the bills when they are in session.

Sun Zia transmission lines for solar energy
Now, for all you Democrats and Independents who swallowed that Dixon Apple Ranch propaganda during the 2014 NM Land Commissioner election, you need to own up to the damage Republicans and their Land Commissioner, Aubrey Dunn, are doing to our economy and the effort to provide infrastructure for solar power. 

Again, the Republicans do their best to show they don't really care about New Mexican working people.  Politics trumps cleaner and cheaper energy and more jobs

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