Monday, May 18, 2015

A Week in Taos (May 9-16, 2015)


The blue sky seduced me.
Not like any other sky.
Not the gray-blue of the sky in the city.
Not even “sky blue” like that of a desert remembered.
But soul-deep blue.
Rising from a field of yellow ochre flowers,
deep green pinon,
and colorado red rock walls.
These intense primary colors
against this blue.
Such sweet seduction
like the fumes of some narcotic smoke
adrift above the gray-green sage
covering this plain that flows from my feet.
I feel I am standing
on the edge of heaven.

(Vicki Powers, 1999)

Taos Mountain from El Prado (El Meze Restaurant) - Photo by Amanda Powers

Photo by Amanda Powers

"Downtown" Taos - Paseo del Pueblo Norte

Taos Pueblo - A UNESCO World Hertiage Site

The "Black Cross" of the Penitentes was  painted by Georgia O'Keffee

La Morada of the Penitentes
I painted here under Michelle Christman's mentoring

MIchelle Christman's painting in work

Shops in the Taos Plaza  

Photo by Alma Quillian

Photo by Alma Quillian

The Rio Grande Gorge by the John Dunn Bridge - Photo by Alma Quillian

Photo by Alma Quillian

Photo by Alma Quillian

Photo by Alma Quillian

My friend, artist Alma Quillian, having Chile en Nogada at Bella's Mexican Restaurant
I stayed at the Worldmark Taos (formerly Fechin Inn) - Photo by Amanda Powers
Walking along Paseo del Pueblo visiting shops and galleries - Photo by Cathy Hogan

My friend, Cathy Hogan, from Sandia Park, came up to Taos to stay with me for a couple of days.  We explored the random art and shrines we found throughout Taos,

My husband and children were there for Mother's Day Weekend.

Ron at Mother's Day Brunch at El Monte Sagrado

My daughters, Amanda and Mary, Mother's Day Brunch
Son-in-law Matt at my hotel Worldmark Taos

Mother's Day in Kit Carson Park

A beautiful family day at Kit Carson Park on Mother's Day

Dancing in the park on Mother's Day

There were many beautiful Spring flowers blooming throughout the town of Taos . 

We visited the Greater World Earthship Communty just west of the Gorge Bridge.  You can take a tour of an off-the-grid, sustainanle Earthship.  Want to live n one?  Here are several for sale.

Greater World Earthship Community

Yes, that's a pineapple growing in the earthship 

We missed the celebration of the late Dennis Hopper's 79th birthday on Dennis Hopper Day Sunday, May 17th.  It began to rain pretty heavily by Saturday affecting the Taos Lilac Festival.  The lilacs were in full bloom.


  1. Paint on, Vicki. The place feels like a different universe from where I am. Such strange beauty.

  2. Looks like a beautiful and interesting place... & the color AND light wow....;)