Thursday, September 17, 2015

No Love for Ted Cruz?

Sen. Ted Cruz (Republican-Texas) is extremely proud of his debating skill.  He was a debater at Princeton in the 1990's.  All his life he has been preparing himself to run for President of the USA and get some of that love he apparently missed in his youth as his father, a Cuban immigrant, carefully guided his life to become a conservative politician.  So now that Ted is running for President on the Republican ticket, how is that earnest young man doing?

At last night's GOP debate in Simi Valley, California, after Ted introduced himself to the conservative audience and waited for the applause, smiling in great anticipation,....nothing CNN went on to Ben Carson for his self-introduction.

In March, 2015, Ted was invited to speak in front of the International Association of Fire Fighters Legislative Conference.  Again, no applause although his speech allowed for periodic pauses in anticipation of applause.

In January, 2015, Ted speaking to a camera (but still live) demanded "Eh, lemme start over," when he stumbled over his "State of the Union" rebuttal.

"In September, 2014, Sen. Ted Cruz was booed off the stage on Wednesday night while speaking at an event hosted by a Christian organization."   Read more:

Then there is a time where Ted Cruz goes speechless in an interview with Seth Meyers on his late night show in March, 2015. Priceless!

Watch Trevor Noah, the new host of the Daily Show, explain why everyone hates Ted Cruz here.

Ted does appeal to nativists, racists, Obama haters, and the right wing of evangelical Christians, but his efforts to impress the rest of America (including many in his own Party) falls flat. He seems to try too hard, he seems unauthentic, and his self-styled war against senior GOP Senators in the Senate has given him many "frenemies". Maybe Donald Trump will make him his Apprentice and show him how to improve his game.

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  1. I saw him briefly (its all I could stand) last night. Pathetic.