Saturday, December 19, 2015

Can New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez Become VP? Negative fallout from "Dialing Drunk"

 Better not "drunk dial". If you are confronted by the cops, you "Better Call Saul"- don't handle it yourself.

New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez (R) has been promoted for possible elevation to be the GOP VP candidate for 2016.  She was showcased at the 2012 Republican Convention as an attractive Republican hispanic female governor elected in a Blue State.

(Apparently, she didn't wow a few GOP voters with her message of inclusiveness.
 Check out the gum chewing, eye-rolling non-clapping woman at 1:24 when 
Susana speaks Spanish: "En Am√©rica, todo es posible".  However, at 3:00 every red-blooded male in the hall salivates as they stand up to give her a rousing ovation when she says she carried a .357 magnum as a young security guard at a bingo parlor.)

She was elected as the 2016 Chairperson of the Republican Governor's Association with great hope and fanfare by a political party largely bereft of women and latino leaders to promote. The Detroit News published an editorial earlier in 2015 promoting Martinez as a candidate for President for the Republican Party

Democrats in New Mexico would advise caution about both the personality and record of Susana Martinez.  Under her leadership for the past 5 years, her state is rated as one the worst run states and it's economy remains stagnant despite the recovery of adjoining southwestern states of Colorado, Arizona, and Texas.  It remains one of the lowest ranked of all states for educational achievement and child welfare.

Whatever credibility the Chairperson of the Republican Govenor's Association has had with her fellow GOP politicians is fast disappearing as bad publicity is starting to affect her national stature.

Susana Martinez has been caught on tape in the past being quite vindctive to people she doesn't agree with.  Her aggressive prosecutorial personality of confronting anyone (including policemen) who "challenge" her authority was exposed as New Mexico papers published her inebriated-sounding 911 call when she tried to find out who called the cops on her loud party last Sunday morning at a Santa Fe hotel.  She then told the police dispatcher that she was the Governor of the state of New Mexico and "to call off" the officers who came to investigate a noise complaint.  She later apologized for her behavior in the Saturday Albuquerque Journal.

Susana already is reeling from the disgraced resignation and jailing of her corrupt Republican Secretary of State, Diannna Duran and the FBI investigation of her chief confident and advisor, Jay McClesky for corrupt campaign practices.

Despite her lack of real accomplishment as a Governor of New Mexico and the corruption of her close associates, it seems she still could impress the voters with her "niceness" image as she posed with school children reading them books or her "tough" image as she chided Democratic legislators for not revoking driver's licenses for "illegals".  Now, even the reliably conservative Fox News couldn't pass up publishing negative publicity on Martinez when she was caught "drunk-dialing" and the Washington Post hit out on her qualifications this week:.
"In practice, the chairman of the Republican Governors Association has become a punch line among some GOP elites in D.C. She’s gotten a reputation within corners of the consultant class as Palinesque: gaffe-prone, not intellectually curious, and not up for the rigors of a national campaign."
Susana Martinez stands in front of a state map of drunken-driving deaths during a news conference in Albuquerque on Dec. 7. The incident in question happened Dec. 13. (AP Photo/Russell Contreras, File)

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