Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Winter Wonderland

Four of us girls took off from Albuquerque last weekend for Pagosa Springs in southern Colorado.  We have a condo there for a week.  Pagosa Springs has some lovely hot springs that we soaked our bones in.  My daughter, Amanda, and my friend, Cathy, drove to Wolf Creek Ski Resort on Saturday and skied and snowboarded the lovely snow on a sunny day.

Amanda on her board (photo by Amanda Powers)

We went to the Springs to soak in the natural mineral waters along the San Juan River.

Amanda and Cathy enoying the hot mineral springs après-ski 
Monday morning sunrise brought a big snow fall all day and all night.

We ventured out in the snow to work out at the gym, do some Christmas shopping, and then back to the hot springs for a couple of hours soaking in the hot waters while snow fell softly around us..

A view of the San Juan River from the Springs.
Pagosa Hot Springs Resort
Cathy enjoying the warm water amid falling snow.

The snow fell all night and the massive snow storm moved east into the Denver area Tuesday, closing schools, snarling traffic, and delaying flights. We'll visit the springs again today and go skiing at Wolf Creek tomorrow when the weather improves.  23" of new snow at Wolf Creek has already fallen in the last day.  Fabulous winter for snow sports in Colorado!

Cathy's truck this morning (Tuesday).
We'll return to Albuquerque tomorrow afternoon.  Even where I live in the foothills of Albuquerque had 5-6 inches of snow with this storm.

But first...a ski day at Wolf Creek!

Before we went home on Wednesday, we headed up to Wolf Creek Ski Resort for skiing.  It's had 162 inches of snow this season and a 76 inch base!  The road up to the resort was like a Christmas card.  

At the top of the Raven's Nest at Wolf Creek

My first Senior Ski trip - the Wolf Creek all-day pass for Seniors is only $39.

The Turnpike Trail

Cathy warming up

We had lunch and called it a day

We left about 1:30 in the afternoon to make the 5 hour drive back to Albuquerque.  The road back was just as scenic.

New Mexico Georgia O'Keeffe Country

Cerro Pedernal

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  1. What fun! It looks like we might be snowless here for Christmas...:(