Friday, January 15, 2016

Ted Cruz Promotes Cancer As the Cure To America's Problems

Will we elect a quack doctor who promises to "fix" America by injecting
cancer cells into our body politic?

Last night, I watched the Republican Presidential Debate on TV.  It was like watching cancer mestastisizing.  The blind ambition of candidates like Trump and Rubio, but especially Cruz, feeds a self-devouring hatred and fear in the body politic as surely as any cancer devours its own body in a misdirected and deadly attempt to destroy a few malignant cells.  Ted Cruz is the most dangerous of all as he lies and fans bigotry and hatred for government, aka "the United States of America," and the American President even while we are at war.  His demagogery and debating skills allow him to effectively "paint white as black and black as white" for angry citizens who have been lied to for many years by the oligarchs and their fawning minions including Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, et al.   Cruz' dog whistle rhetoric follows the same path as the George Wallace and Nixon campaigns.  

One of the biggest fans of using dog whistle politics, Donald Trump, was stung by the attacks on New Yorkers by Cruz, and finding it personally offensive, he slammed Cruz for his insensitivity to NYC's heroic response to the 9/11 attack

Dear voters, we are seeing a cancer mestasizing in the heart of America brought on deliberately by certain Republican demogogues. The destruction of American unity and truth will only serve the enemies of democracy.