Friday, February 19, 2016

Spring comes early to New Mexico? Not so fast...

The temperatures have been warming up Albuquerque this past week,  in the high 70's.   A result of El Niño,  we are getting spring-like weather that is about 20 degrees warmer than average for late February.  The weather is forecast to be very rocky in the next 3 months,but mainly for the South and East. New Mexico is supposed to be cooler than usual in March.  However, I fear our snow season is done and the ski resorts will start closing down.  We'll still get the cold blasts of wind and snow we always get in March after Mother Nature teases us with spring-fever.  I already put out the lawn chairs and cushions to enjoy the warm sunny weather outside.  I always get fooled in the spring.

I went hiking in the Sandia Mountains yesterday because it was so sunny and warm.

Balsam Glade overlook of La Madera Canyon

View of Sandia Peak Ski Resort - only open Friday through Sunday now

Balsam Glade nature trail is partially snowy - quite manageable for a walk on a sunny day

At Sandia Crest, I could see the moon hanging in the eastern sky

View from the Sandia Crest of Albuquerque

Looking toward the tramway.  The South Crest Trail was a bit too snowy for a hike.

Albuquerque below at 5,000 ft. elevation as seen from the Sandia Crest, 10,678 ft elevation

I enjoyed a cup of coffee at the Crest House as wind gusts of close to 50 mph were blowing outside.  I left the Crest about 3:15PM as the clouds began to blow in from the west,  I love spring in New Mexico...oh, wait....not until March 20th?

Postscript 2/23/16:  Didn't take long for the weather to revert back to winter. It's beginning to snow this morning.

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