Thursday, October 13, 2016

Celebrating A Taos Rustic Wedding

Mira and Soren, Malcolm's children, and Mary, Amanda's sister, look on as the bride and groom seal the deal with a kiss.
My oldest daughter, Amanda, got married to Malcolm on October 1st in Taos, New Mexico. This is the second time my children chose to be married in New Mexico. Mary, my youngest daughter, married Matt in Albuquerque in October, 2012.

Amanda moved to New Mexico after graduating from Sonoma State University in 2007.  She met Malcolm about 4 years ago and their relationship grew to be very strong and committed, so he asked her to marry him early this year.  Amanda began to plan for a wedding in Taos.  She wanted to invite friends and family to a rural setting called Springwild Oasis and provide them with the special touch that only Taos can offer.  She enlisted her friends to make sage and cedar smudge sticks,  hand-make twinkling lights, and gather foliage for bouquets and vases.  Her long-time friend, Ashley Weinrich, was her Wedding Planner and drove from San Diego, California several days before the wedding to oversee the event and food preparation.  She prepared delicious beverages and Sangria, Gazpacho shooters, Smoked Trout Pinxo, a Cheese and Chocolate board, and the Manchego Mashed Potatoes.  Dierdre Lane, her friend and pastry chef, made her beautiful wedding cake, transporting it from Albuquerque on the day of the wedding.

Countless other friends joined crafting parties to hand-make all the decorations.  The men peeled potatoes and set up the lights, tables, chairs and decorations.  I made olive leaf garlands and luminarias.

Tony was the Chef for the day, making Paella, Stewed Chicken Thighs,  and Hearts of Palm Salad.

We arrived Thursday to our casita at Casa Gallina.

Ron and I stayed in The Studio - one story Casita on the right

Mary, Matt and their girls stayed in the Bantam Roost Casita

Friday activities included a spa day for Amanda and her girl friends at El Monte Sagrado.  Friday night included a wedding rehearsal and an enchilada dinner with friends.

On Saturday, the wedding began at 4PM.

Malcolm was "given away" by his daughters, Chiara and Mira.

Amanda was "given away" by her father, Mark Powers

Amanda's sister, Mary, was the Maid of Honor
The tables were beautiful
My sister, brother-in-law, and niece were there from Salem, Oregon and Los Angeles, California
Mary and Matt were there from Grand Junction, Colorado
Ron and I were very happy for Amanda and Malcolm
The reception and dinner sparkled and everyone danced in the cool night air

Blessings to my daughter, Amanda, and her husband, Malcolm.

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  1. Now why did you go off and make me cry! This is super sweet, thanks for all your hard work, love, and suppprt over the years.