Saturday, March 20, 2010

The First Day of Spring...Celebrate the Vernal Equinox

We received 6 inches of snow.
The Juncos, cold and wet,  arrived for breakfast.

The sun came out by 11 am and the snow melted away as Ron and I join neighbors Paula and Bruce for their Vernal Equinox Celebration and Barbecue. 

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

In Memoriam to My Friend Irwin Burstein

Irwin Burstein
January 23, 1924-March 15, 2010
Denver, Colorado

It snowed yesterday,
heavy, silent snow, falling one hour after another.
The night was cold as if all warmth had expired from the earth.
When I awoke this morning a frozen blanket lay heavily on the land.
Its whiteness seemed a sign of renewal and purity.

It was on this morning that I received the news of your passing.
You who came into this world in the middle of winter,
now leaving us as the sun rises high in the sky with its promise of spring.

I look from my window and see the snow-melt,
seeping down stone-covered paths,
dripping from the pine trees that stand sentry along the way.
The majestic Rocky Mountains rising from the dusty plain,
stand in testiment to your soul rising like this evaporating mist,
restoring the heavens with its precious source of life.

Now may your soul join those who went before you.
May you stand with your son on some fourteener peak to laugh together once again,
May you smile with quiet wisdom as you wait for us to follow in good time.
I honor your life as one well-lived, filled with love and joyful humor.

Irwin and Barbara Burstein
Breckenridge, CO (September, 2005)
Vicki, Irwin, Barbara in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (2005)

Amanda, Mary, Irwin and Barbara
at Dinner in Puerto Vallarta (2005)

Barbara, Amanda, Linda, and Irwin
in Puerto Vallarta (July, 2005)