Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta Experience

This morning, on a perfect October day, we got up early and watched the mass ascension of the hot air balloons at Balloon Fiesta Park.  It was really crowded today! 550 balloons participated.  Mark and Joan were newbies to the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta and thoroughly enjoyed the day.

At 7AM, the balloons get the OK for the mass ascension.

Basketball. One of the many Special Shapes balloons

"Up, up, and away in my beautiful balloon....."
Share the music of the 5th Dimension as you peruse the remainning photos:

Joan finally got to see the balloons go up after a bust last year due to weather.

Joan, Mark and Amanda

Me and my daughter

Mark recently moved to Albuquerque from San Diego so this was his first Balloon Fiesta.

Happy Orca

Airabelle, the Creamland Cow is a perennial favorite and rose to loud cheers from the crowd.

These are "hot air" balloons.  Firing up the propane to give the balloon lift.


Another crowd favorite: SpyderPig


Darth Vader is another crowd favorite

TriBirds is a new one,  from Brazil.

Malcolm, Amanda and her father, Mark 

Enjoying  Breakfast Burritos is all part of the Balloon Fiesta experience

Beautiful beaming Joan

Annie the Lady Bug

Yes, it is a good day!

My daughter, Amanda, thinks so, too.

Black Sheep has his eye on Lottie Dottie Chicken, the new girl in town

Zia Later - the Zia sun symbol is on the New Mexico state flag

"I'm hot...."

Cosmos 1

The Bee Family about to go up

Lilly Little BeeJoey and Joelly , the baby bee

Puddles (facing) and his partner, Splash came all the way from the UK.

Pencil Boy must have had a spicy burrito

Mister Bup


Miss Bell coming down to land. 
Time to go home

Here is the Official Program for the 2015 Balloon Fiesta. Come join us next year.


  1. Great photos Vicki - thanks so much for sharing them. I think you went on the best day. The weather was beautiful yesterday.

  2. Vicki those photos are great. It must be quite the spectical in person. Looks like the weather cooperated too this year. Was that a Jimi Hendrix one I saw in the background? Cool.

  3. Wow! Amazing... wish I'd been there. :)

    1. Ray, you're both wecome to stay with us next year and see the 2016 Fiesta. It will be the first week in October. Maybe your son and grandkids can join you? Mesa is about 6 hours or so away from Albuquerque.