Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Hiking at Ojito de San Antonio...and More Wildflowers :)

Ojito de San Antonio is a Bernalillo County Open Space located on NM 14 just north of I-40 (take exit 175 at Tijeras).  There is an old apple orchard there that has been there since the 1920's and the bears eat the apples in the fall so the open space gets closed.  An excellent time to visit is the spring time when the apple trees are blooming.

My friend, Melissa, and I hiked the 1 mile loop in May.  It was a nice easy hike and we saw lots of wildflowers.

It was a bit cool and threatening to rain the morning of our hike

View from the loop trail of the ojito and orchard

James Penstemon Penstemon jamesii
The loop trail climbs a couple of hundred feet

Butter and Eggs/YellowToadflax Linaria vulgaris

White Ragweed Hymenopappas filifolius

Yellow Sweet Clover Melilotus officinalis

Wood's Rose Rosa woodsii

Hartweg's Sundrops Calylophus hartwegii spp. fendleri

Bastard Toadflax Comandra umbellata ssp. pallida

Beautiful rock formations at top of the trail

This one had a lot of erosion and lichens.

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  1. Spots of gorgeous color in a rather harsh looking setting. I like it...:)