Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Skiing and Snowboarding in Breckenridge for President's Day Weekend

Over the past long weekend, my daughters and their friends, Marissa and Chris, gathered in Breckenridge, Colorado for a reunion and some winter sports.  Marissa and Mary have been best friends for 20 years since they lived on the same street in Clairemont (a neighborhood in San Diego, CA).

Amanda, Mary, and Marissa with me in Clairemont (c. 1992)
After meeting each other in college, Marissa and Chris got married in Jamaica three years ago.  Mary was there for Marissa as her maid of honor.  These days Chris and Marissa live in Ft. Collins, CO and Mary lives in Albuquerque, NM -- so this was a great chance to get everyone together again.

Marissa and Chris
I had exchanged my September timeshare week for this February ski week with another owner at French Ridge.  Weather was mixed - windy, sunny, cold, and snowy.  My girls snowboarded.  Marissa and Chris skied.  Everyone relaxed in the hot tub. 

Mary, Chris, Marissa and Amanda - Ready to go!

Marissa and Amanda were the last to come off the mountain.

Mary done ... "Give me a lift home!"

Marissa and Amanda calling it a day

Check out the awesome snowboarding at Breck on this You Tube video (no, this is not us):

Or skiing at Breck (OK, this is definitely not us):

Marissa cooked some awesome meals with wholesome and natural ingredients she brought with her.
We cooked all our meals in the condo and saved a lot of money. Plus, the food was the best! French toast, breakfast burritos, eggs and bacon, oatmeal and fruit for breakfast.  Baked macaroni and cheese, chicken and rice, tacos, broccoli, carrots, tossed green salad and sandwiches....yummy!
Amanda's college friend, Brett from Colorado Springs, was in Frisco for  the weekend.  She came to visit for the afternoon on Sunday.

We returned Tuesday crossing paths halfway in Moffat, CO with my friend Cathy and her son who were on their way to Breckenridge to spend the rest of the week in the condo.

My friend and neighbor, Cathy (in Breckenridge last September),  is on the ski patrol at Sandia Ski Resort.
Tuesday was Fat Tuesday and so Breckenridge did have a Mardi Gras Parade that we missed by leaving early.  Thanks to You Tube, here it is:

No, I didn't go on the slopes.  Since breaking my leg skiing in Angel Fire, NM in 2000, I've only gone skiing one time since.  So, not only am I not in shape, I also had my eye surgery   a little more than three weeks ago so I have to be careful to not dislodge the corneal graft.  The lift passes were also very expensive: $111 for one day (ouch!).

I hope you're having fun this winter, where ever you are.


  1. it's crazy for anyone middle aged or older to ski if they aren't working out in a gym all the time and in great physical shape

    or else it's like 'sure, it would be fun to do something where i can fall down at high speeds in a contorted bodily position to risk nearly certain injury, freeze my a** off while doing it, and then spend at least 3 months or more unable to function normally while undergoing frequent unpleasant visits to a physical therapist'

  2. Oooh, Paul, sounds like you've been there! You are correct, of course, so although it's tempting to go into all that beautiful powder, I realize that this body isn't going to do the downhill anymore. Nowadays, snowshoes are my speed.