Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Grandchildren Come to Visit

Will, Milla, and Anne
We were delighted to have Ron's daughter, Anne, and her children visit us last week.  Milla is 3 years old and Will is 8 years old.  The kids live in Chaska, Minnesota (near Minneapolis) and it was their first visit to New Mexico (well, Will had come with his mom when he was 3 and we were living in Rio Rancho then, so I don't think he remembers anything about New Mexico).  I had cleared our less-than-an-acre lot of all prickly things and trimmed the points off the yuccas by any path that they might take.  We had put in a new flagstone patio two weeks before their visit.
The Bacas from Anton Chico supplied the flagstone and built it for us

Almost done!

On their arrival day, their plane was circling the Albuquerque airport in the middle of a thunder storm.  It couldn't land because of lightning so off they flew to El Paso, Texas to refuel.  Finally, two and a half hours later, they deplaned and we took the tired family to our home in the mountains east of Albuquerque.  After some food and a good night's rest, the kids were outside playing the next morning. I had put in a sandbox and tire swing under the old juniper in front so they could have something to do while Mom relaxed.

Ron and daughter, Anne, relax with morning coffee

Perhaps a budding Entomologist?
Will loves to find bugs and identify them.  He delighted in our Cat Face Spider capturing flying insects in its web during the evening hours. I have previously posted about the Cat Face spiders we've had at my house here.

We took a day trip to Albuquerque to visit the New Mexico Natural History and Science Museum and the Sandia Tram. Both of these activities were "hits" with the kids.
Anne, Milla, and Will on the Tram going to the top of the Sandia Mountains

It was raining as we glided upward in the gondola but we still had a great view of Albuquerque.  The temperature dropped from 95 degrees F. at 5000 feet (Albuqerque)  to 55 degrees F. at the top (10,375 ft.). 
 During their stay, we had a BBQ so my daughters, Amanda and Mary, could see their niece and nephew.
Will and Mary

The days were hot. Everyone cooled off in the hot tub.Will even tried out snorkeling.


 We headed up to Doc Long picnic ground in the Sandia Mountains on Saturday.  The forest closure order has been lifted now that New Mexico is getting the monsoon rains to reduce the fire hazard.

Mom helps Milla climb up a hilly path

Will enjoys a cool drink
After five days, the kids and Anne left on Sunday.  When we arrived at the airport, the kids exclaimed "Green grass! Look at the green grass."  Coming from such a green and wet state such as Minnesota, they take for granted lawns and endless greenery.  Although New Mexico isn't a dry, flat desert covered with Saguaro Cactus (Saguaro cactus only grow in Arizona) that everyone seems to picture when they think of New Mexico, still our high desert and arid mountains were very different from Minnesota. 

Will and Milla are great kids.  I look forward to their next visit to New Mexico.

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