Monday, December 26, 2011

A Family Gathering and...a Proposal of Marriage

Christmas Day brought family together in our home in the mountains of New Mexico.  My daughters, Amanda and Mary, who moved to Albuquerque after college and live (gratefully) near me, arrived along with Matt, Mary's boyfriend, Matt's sister, Pam, and her boyfriend, Brian. The day was sunny and bright with leftover snow.  We enjoyed lox and bagels and exchanged gifts.  I especially appreciated the handmade gifts I received like bath salts (from Amanda) , flavored olive oil and Gluten-free Sugar Cookie Mix (from Mary) , and Cranberry Chutney (from Marissa and Chris Werland).


Ron loves Christmas!

Mary loves bagels!

Amanda looked pleased with her felt hat from Kyrgystan

Kids think it's time for help for my eyesight

Amanda gave me David with a bindi (he seems to be resisting my affections)

Mary gave her sister diamond stud earrings

Matt and Mary enjoyed their gifts

Brian and Pam look happy!

Everyone was having a great time

Then Matt began to tell a story about a long journey where he was climbing the mountain and it was sometimes tough and sometimes wonderfull when it happened....Matt proposed to Mary in front of us all!

Mary accepted!

Matt gave her an engagement ring to seal the deal

The very happy couple

Mary was delighted....

...and showed off her diamond ring to everyone.

The day shone bright with joy!

We gathered together for Christmas Dinner

Ron carved the turkey

We gathered at the table...

Mary and Pam toasted their new family ties-to-be

Ron had a wonderful day although I know he missed his own daughters and their families in Minnesota for Christmas

Ornaments on the tree celebrate the milestones of our family
Here is Amanda as a swimmer and her first Christmas ornament

Mary's First Christmas and her water-polo days

Potraits of my mother and father also adorn the tree

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  1. Oh! What a very special day! Matt and Mary will always remember where their marriage proposal happened and will want to celebrate with you on future Christmas Days. What an honor and a special experience!