Friday, January 6, 2012

I'll Vote for the Incumbent in 2012

I hope you cast your vote for the next US President in my little unscientific poll on the right. I'll take the incumbent, thank you very much.  The challengers are so lacking in the qualitities we need for President. I can't win over you Republicans or Libertarians, but I sure do lack respect for a lot of you left wing liberals who think Barack Obama doesn't deserve your support because you are "disappointed in him."  I think Jake Lamar made the point in his video below why you must help get out the vote for President Obama in November, 2012, and elect a House and Senate that will support him.  This 2012 Election is one of the most important elections we will experience in our life. 


  1. BRILLIANT. I am Canadian...if the US doesn't elect him again can we have him please.
    I watch with amazement the insanity spewing from some people against him and can hear the instigators rubbing their hands together with delight at the pot they are stirring up.
    This must make you crazy.

  2. I wish he'd been a little feistier sooner against the Party of No. Thanks for the kind words for Mrs. T. We saw the oncologist today. No chemo required things are looking up for 2012, Now is we can re elect... :)