Saturday, October 27, 2012

Wedding Day for My Daughter, Mary

Today is the Day!  Mary and Matt are getting married!

We've been very busy entertaining all week.  We've had so many out-of-town guests this past week, it's been wonderful although it's been hard for me to remember everyone's name!

Amanda and Ron

Alan, Tracy and Jeanne

Cousin Tracy and sister Amanda

Mary's Step-Father, Ron and Uncle Alan

Mary's Step-Mother,Blanca  (or Bonus Mother, as she likes to say) and her father, Mark

Mary, Matt's Mom and Dad (Bill and Carole), and Matt

Matt's sisters, Sherry and Pam, and Niece Melissa

John and Sherry, Matt's Brother-in-law and sister.

Bill with Brian, Pam's SO

The guys enjoying some cigars and scotch

Celebrating Bill and Carole's 50th Wedding Anniversary

The bride and her bride's maids on top of Sandia

Melissa, Amanda, Adrienne, Mary, Marissa, Ashley and Lauren

Blanca, enjoying the view

Dinner in the High Finance Restaurant

Mary and her Bonus Mom, Blanca

Carole (Matt's Mom) with daughter, Pam

Ashley, Amanda, and Mary

Mary having a blast at her Batchelorette Party

Getting ready for the Big Event

The Groom looking especially radiant

The Marriage Ceremony with Father Raney

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. - Mary gives a cheer

Bride, Groom, and the Mothers and Fathers shared dinner together

Friends and relatives share the joy

Walt and Linda, my neighbors, were there.  Linda made each of the bridesmaids and the bride earrings for the occasion

The reception in the Fireplace Room of the Hotel Albuquerque

Romantic candlelights

Step-mother Blanca and Mary's Father, Mark

My happy daughter and her husband



  1. Quite the event! Congratulations to all involved...:)

    1. We had such a great time. They just got back from their Honeymoon in Sedona.

  2. congratulations on your family's very joyous day