Sunday, March 16, 2014

Spring Is Just Around the Corner

A foggy morning Saturday after a night of sleet and snowy mush, now melting in the 33 degree temperature.

Looking down my street to the west...the Sandia Mountains immersed in fog on the morning of March 15th.
Glad to see the moisture getting into the ground as the temperatures stayed above freezing.

Snow-covered Cane Cholla

Snow melting on the cholla spines in the morning warmth

St. Frances looks hopefully to the skies for signs of spring

Ah..think spring!

Last spring we had a mere .91" of precipitation in the previous 6 months and no new  precipitation until late June, 2013.  Many pinon trees died from the long-term drought.  I manually watered my trees and was able to save them all.  The cost of my water in June was $200. So I am thankful that we have had several rains and light snows in the past few weeks.  This will help our wildflower production and help our wildlife, too.  This past week, I watched a fat skunk waddle down the street, watched wild rabbits scurry from my yard, heard the yips of a healthy pack of coyotes, and received an email that a mountain lion was seen in the neighborhood.

Pinon trees in my backyard

Beginning late Saturday afternoon, heavy flakes of snow began to blow in from the west.  Outside, a couple inches of soft snow accumulated amid blowing winds.

This morning, most of the snow has melted and the skies are sunny and blue.

Sandia Mountains this morning (Sunday, March 15) as viewed from my house just to the east of the mountains (that red colored pine is a dead pinon tree, a victim of last year's drought).

Forsythia blossoms beginning to bloom

At my house, the snow that fell yesterday has almost completely melted by this morning.

Buds on my crab apple tree

Buds on my plum tree

I welcome next Thursday when the Vernal Equinox arrives!


  1. Good news from New Mexico. Here St. Francis is still buried under a three foot snow drift....:(

    1. Ohhh...I feel for him (and you and Mrs. T)!