Saturday, March 22, 2014

"Paying it forward" and other random acts of kindness

As human beings, we have infinite opportunities to practice random acts of kindness.  Although I'm not sure why our brains are wired to do so, most everyone is moved to "do something nice" for another person more or less regularly. This is just something we do. Neuroscientists tell us that we have "happy chemicals" in us that get triggered to make us feel joy, rewarded, loved, or important.

Sometimes we exercise an act of unrewarded kindness or contribute to someone's welfare as an act of "paying it forward". This video shows you just what paying it forward means:

Something happened in front of my house yesterday that again reminded me of the power of "paying it forward".  I had an old office chair that I had replaced with a new one, so I put it in front of my house with a sign that read: "FREE".  I knew that chair might still be useful to someone else and it seemed a shame to just throw it away. Within 30 minutes a couple walking by asked if I would keep the chair for them and they would come back with a truck to pick it up later. Their son needed a new swivel portion to his office chair and the chair had just the same part they needed.  I took off the "FREE" sign and put the chair close to my entry driveway.  I said to come back soon because someone else might just take the chair. I related to them that a couple of years ago, I put an old park bench across the street because I noticed that the schoolkids waiting for the bus had no where to sit except on a small piece of railroad tie sitting on the ground.  I put a sign on the bench telling people who might be tempted to take the bench that it was not abandoned but a seat for school children waiting for the bus.  It stayed there for two years. Then, one day, it disappeared.  The couple remembered that bench and wondered why it went missing.

A few hours later, the old office chair had been removed.  And across the street, this is what I saw:


  1. what a wonderful story, thank you for sharing

  2. Paying it forward is a wonderful thing. It is a good thing to share these moments as it creates more of them I am sure.

  3. The very best kind of sentiment. This reminder is always helpful, but especially these days.

  4. Guess this shows us that even the things we don't need can have another use and purpose for somebody else. This is really why the new chair is most welcome, as it helps you lend a hand, while being able to upgrade your necessary furniture at the same time. Everybody wins.

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