Sunday, September 21, 2014

2014 Was Hottest Summer World-Wide

The summer of 2014 was the hottest summer on record.

So what will the climate change deniers say about this?  Did Fox News even cover the NASA report or this news as reported by NOAA scientists?  They did not.  They reported the unusual weather events of 2014 here on their weather page, downplaying the significance of global warming with statements like this:

"From tornadoes, unquenchable drought and blazing wildfires to devastating floodwaters and roaring hurricanes, summer 2014 has been an active season. However, some may feel like the season never reached full-swing, as cooler-than-normal weather was in place during the typical dog days of summer."

We humans often interpret natural events around us with a "common sense" approach; in other words we don't use science, but rather draw conclusions from our own experience.  People who like to discard scientific theories that our human activity is the cause of present-day rising global temperatures often point to the next cold winter with record freezing temperatures as "proof" that the earth is not warming.  What they fail to understand is that global warming causes climate change which results in very different weather patterns over a very long period of time.  The changes in climate will make our world a very hostile place for our species.  Please look at my blog post on climate change from 2013 for an overview of the science on global warming "in a nutshell".

From NOAA article "What's the hottest the earth's been lately?" 
Today, over a 100,000 400,000 people are marching in New York City to bring attention to Global Climate Change.

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