Wednesday, February 18, 2009

2/18/09: Geometric Shapes: Drawing Buildings, Cars, and Robots

The following material is provided as reference material for young artists who want to learn how to draw.  These web pages are are supplementary to the free class offered at the Tijeras Library on "Drawing for Young People" January 21-April 15, 2009.

How to Draw Buildings
Here are some great internet sites for you to learn in 5 easy steps how to do 2 point perspective to create a building, a citycape, and landscapes with buildings. How Stuff Works has some great material such as: "How to Draw a Cityscape in 5 Steps" , "How to Draw a Country Church in 5 Steps", and  "How to Draw a Village in 5 Steps".

How to Draw Cars
The How Stuff Works website has great ideas on drawing cars like the following:
"How to Draw a 1957 Chevy in 5 Steps"
"How to Draw a Classic Car in 5 Steps"
"How to Draw a Corvette in 5 Steps"
"How to Draw a Ferrari in 5 Steps"
"How to Draw a Lamborghini in 5 Steps"
"How to Draw a Minivan in 5 Steps"

Want to draw bulldozers, cranes, cement trucks, backhoes?
"How to Draw Construction Vehicles"

How to Draw Robots
If you can draw basic geometric shapes, you can draw robots. This eHow website has a nice tutorial on how to draw robots using circle, squares, and rectangles. The How Stuff Works website has easy directions for drawing a cartoon-style robot: "How to Draw a Cartoon Robot"  And don't forget to use your Legos for models for drawing robots.

Online Resources

Using Colored Pencils:
"Improving Color Intensity: Make Your Colors Look Brighter and Stronger"
By Helen South, on .  Helen South has great tips for “Colored Pencil Basics” and “Drawing Shiny Metal in Colored Pencil”
Using Water-Soluble Colored Pencils:
“What You Need to Know About Watercolor Pencils and Water-Soluble Crayons” by Marion Boddy-Evans on
"How to Draw with Water-soluble Pencils" (Video Lesson) by Bob Davies on Graspr The Instructional Video Network
Basic Drawing Lessons: Learn To Draw (Basics for Beginners)
TLC Family Art Techniques

Using the Computer to Draw
Drawing on the Computer using Microsoft PowerPoint, University of Rhode Island Dept. of Computer Science
Mike's Sketchpad Drawing Basics using Deneba Canvas™, Adobe® Illustrator®, CorelDRAW® and Macromedia® FreeHand® computer illustration programs
Artist Forums and Online Galleries
When you're ready to learn more and get better as an artist, I suggest the following sites on the internet for tips, lessons, and answering questions for beginning artists. Registration in the forums requires a minimum age to protect young people from inappropriate material or persons. Ask your parent to register and monitor the forums and bulletin boards if you want to participate in the forums.

Draw Space (Lessons and Forum)
Wet Canvas (Cyber Community of Artists in all media Forum)

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