Saturday, August 29, 2009

Grains of Sand

We are but grains of sand on this earth -- our lives largely affected by forces beyond our control. There are times when an individual grain may find itself transformed and valued among all other grains of sand. By chance, a small speck becomes trapped within the body of an oyster and, after many years, becomes a beautiful iridescent pearl. We enjoy this pearl and admire its uniqueness and incredible beauty. Other times, a grain of sand is distinguished by its ability to irritate and cause pain as when a single grain becomes lodged within the eye and we curse its presence.

Most of us make up the vast grains of sand on the earth -- our purpose linked with purpose of the other like grains; and our significance apparent in the result of our combined presence. We become glass, useful and beautiful. We become cement, strong and permanent. We become the playground of children, a place of delight and creative imagination.

Free will is an important quality in human beings. It often influences our destiny. Still, only a few of us will have the opportunity to become the pearl. Our lack of such opportunity does not make us worth less. Our worth most often is dependent upon the combined activity of like-mined individuals facing similar conditions. Together we become transformed and valued, like the millions of grains which become the road, the playground or the ceramic vase. Strive to become the pearl. But remember, most of life’s accomplishments will be the result of the joint effort of many. Always value this as your greatest achievement.

Vicki Powers

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