Monday, May 14, 2012

Choosing a Political Party When You Register to Vote

I'm a Voter Registration Agent in my state.  These days, most new voters choose "No Party" because they like to think they are independent thinkers.  I think a lot of times new voters just don't know what the difference is between the Democratic and Republican Parties, so I've devised a little test to help them decide on what Party best represents their social views and cultural preferences.  Take the test - and see if you're a Democrat or Republican.

 Starting with the first line, choose a word from column 1 or column 2.  Don't think about it, just select the word that first appeals to you.  Go down the entire list until you're done.

OK, there are a few ringers in there. 
Now add up the total number of your selections that are 1's and the total number of your selections that are 2's. 

If you have 10 or more 1's, you are a Democrat. 
If you have 10 or more 2's, you are a Republican. 

Hope this helps you select a political party so you'll stop thinking that you are an "independent".


Democratic Party

Republican Party

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  1. I got one of those stupid email yesterday that still brought a chuckle at the end of a series of incidents. The punch line for each incident was "and they walk among us." It was remindful of Jay Lenos stupid criminals jokes. Unfortunately, million of Tea Party type "walk among us." It's pretty scary. Stil I cling to Churchills comment that "democracy is the worse form of government, except for all the rest..."