Sunday, July 21, 2013

Clouds In New Mexico Skies

It's rained each day in July.  The clouds that serve up our luscious monsoon rains blanket the skies in typical dramatic fashion.  This is why I live here.


  1. Rain every day seems a lot but it appears to be in small doses. Xeric was a new addition to my vocabulary so I looked it up. Yup I get it now...:)

    1. Living in Minnesota, I certainly understand that "xeric" would never a term used by gardeners there. When you get to the southwest, that's about the only kind of gardening we do. Having said that, Albuquerque got the biggest storm in memory last Friday. Paper's headline is that it may cost $1 million. We had flooding, power outages, 89 MPH wind gusts, and hundreds of trees felled.,