Monday, December 28, 2015

Leadership and Climate Change

Everywhere people are talking about the extreme weather events we are experiencing. Flooding in the United Kingdomsevere tornadoes and flooding in winter in the United States, and record number of Category 4 and 5 hurricanes and typhoons in 2015.  How many of these people will recognize that the extreme weather is a result of climate change?

Climate change is the world's most dangerous security threat.  The cost in money and lives will exceed the costs of any war we have fought before.  Can you imagine for a minute the cost to retrofit communities, homes, and infrastructure to sustain our way of life with the new reality of extreme weather events?  Can our governments begin to calculate the cost as they make national budgets to include the cost of emergency response to extreme weather events?  Can businesses survive the extra costs?  How much more in taxes will each citizen pay to fight the effects of climate change?  How can the poor and marginal communities survive?  How many more refugee crises and violent social conflicts will we see as a result of the struggle to deal with dissipating resources?  Woe to us if we do not choose leaders who  have the guts to recognize and respond to climate change as a world wide crisis. Some think it is too late.

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